The Short Book of Enlightment

Chapter 1
First, I looked at myself from the outside

What is what we call simplicity? Does it have a superficial meaning or do we not knowwhat it means? As humanity, we live quite far away from this word – simplicity – in cities. We move away from ourselves to “be better”. We alienate from ourselves to “do better”. We close our eyes to our own emotions in the chaos we created. So who am I?

Chapter 2
Then I became aware of myself

Get up in the morning, drink your coffee in a hurry, try to get to work before you can enjoy your breakfast, work all day and get tired, get stuck in the evening traffic, witness some arguments, come home, eat your food with the stress accumulated in your body, sleep with the thought that you will do the same things again in the morning. Yes, these may sound familiar to you. Maybe you’ve gotten yourself out of this cycle. But sometimes we get so caught up in this cycle that we lose the simplicity of existence. We are looking for ourselves, we find ourselves temporarily from time to time, but we can still lose. Why? Because we are looking for ourselves in many other places that do not belong to us.

Chapter 3
I discovered the nature I am in. And I realized that I am one with nature

We live far from nature, don’t we? In fact, we can treat nature which is right next to us, always with us, enveloping us, and home to us, as if it did not exist. Could inhaling the scent of a rose be the simple beauty of existing? I am perceiving it now. The reflection when I look at the sea is my clarity. Just like the sea itself. The moment when the wind touches my skin is the flow that I am in. Just like the wind itself. The morning when the sun meets me is the enlightenment I experience. Just like the strong light of the sun itself. I am one with everything in nature. Here I am.

Chapter 4
I realized that every living being is equal to me and is no different from me

We are all energy. You, me, all humanity… Animals, plants, nature… Everything I see around me has a very strong vibrational level. It is interconnected and part of a whole. Therefore, to mistreat an animal is the worst thing I can do to myself. If I am unfair to myself, it is an injustice to the whole universe. Me and you and her and him, we are all in perfect harmony.

Chapter 5
I internalized all this information

Now I know the meaning of enlightenment. Actually, I always knew because it is inside me. But sometimes I can forget it. Now I am nourishing and growing it again. I make it reappear with the pure love I feel. Now I know that I have a heightened awareness.

Chapter 6
I realized that I am a new me

I get rid of the roles that do not belong to me. I get away from the negative energies that close my eyes. The closer I get to nature, the more I can see the nature of my own soul. I am overflowing with unity, love, respect, peace and compassion. My journey to find who I am will continue as long as I live. But at least I know that I love the person I’ve become. Thank you for reading this short book written by ELVISH. It is in your hands to be the
enlightenment and awakening itself. We are here to support you on your journey! ✨