Chapter 1
First, I looked at myself from the outside

What is what we call simplicity? Does it have a superficial meaning or do we not knowwhat it means? As humanity, we live quite far away from this word – simplicity – in cities. We move away from ourselves to “be better”. We alienate from ourselves to “do better”. We close our eyes to our own emotions in the chaos we created. So who am I?



Chapter 2
Then I became aware of myself

Get up in the morning, drink your coffee in a hurry, try to get to work before you can enjoy your breakfast, work all day and get tired, get stuck in the evening traffic, witness some arguments, come home, eat your food with the stress accumulated in your body, sleep with the thought that you will do the same things again in the morning. Yes, these may sound familiar to you. Maybe you’ve gotten yourself out of this cycle. But sometimes we get so caught up in this cycle that we lose the simplicity of existence. We are looking for ourselves, we find ourselves temporarily from time to time, but we can still lose. Why? Because we are looking for ourselves in many other places that do not belong to us.

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